1   Design, manufacture
Design, manufacture, transportw and supply of steel structures of all kinds and designs, which kept pace with the latest global www systems.
  2   agents and distributors
We are agents and distributors for major internationalwwwwww companies specialized in thefield of overhead cranes of all kinds, the upper of thesewww companies
1 Design, manufacture, transport and supply of steel structures of all kinds and designs, which kept pace with the latest global systems.
2 Design and manufacture, transport and install overhead cranes of all kinds:
We are agents and distributors for major international companies specialized in the field of overhead cranes of all kinds, the upper of these companies: -
- VERLINDE France - STAHL Germany - MUNCK Norway - GH Spain - STREET England - BVS Turkey
- Single &double girder ovehead cranes overhead cranes with capacity starting from 250 kg up to 400 tons.
- Gantry cranes and( goliath cranes) suited to work cutting and processing marble with a tonnage of 5 tons up to 400 tons.
- Semi Gantry cranes ( semi - goliath cranes) with a tonnage of 5 tons up to 400 tons.
- Jib cranes begin with a tonnage of 250 kg up to 20 tons.
- Under hook services, such as magnatices, tungs, grabs and extractors.
3 Manufacturing and installation of extractor for siphoning off grain silos for ports.
4 Manufacturing ironware needed for the factories of the major Vlnchat ,tubes of various diameters , Alkien , hydraulic piston , wheels and gears heat treated.
5 Provide engineering solutions necessary for the handling of heavy loads in large factories and those that require special specifications and operating in arduous climatic atmosphere. .
6 the work of technical studies for the work of handling and loading of the conveyor belts, cranes and so on.
7 Manufacture of tanks( reservoirs) of all kinds with different sizes and various applications.

8 Manufacture of pressure vessels  for the different applications.
9 Provide technical studies, design , implementation and installation of clouds and expulsion of the exhaust compatible with the requirements of the environment to your old production lines to become friend of the environment.
10 Necessary overhauling work of all the cranes for both our cranes or the cranes of the another companies.
11 There are installation temes at the highest level of skill, efficiency, speed and accuracy of achievement with the use of our transport trailers and our winshes for installation works.
12 We have teams for regular maintenance , preventive distinct skill with speed action and achievement with the availability of spare parts required.
13 We have the largest factory specialized in Abou Rawash industrial zone on an area of fifty thousand square meters factory is equipped with the modern equipments and specialized equipments, there an integrated team of the finest men of Egypt's engineers , designers, technicians and administrators a high degree of skill and efficacy and experience in this field are working on achieve specific goals and effective for the benefit of our beloved country, and these goals can be identified as follows: --

We carry the quality mark issued by the Egyptian General Authority for Standardization.
- Ensure the high quality and advanced technology and the application of quality system according to the standard ISO 9001 to ensure the quality of imports and production stages and the final product.
- Technological potential in distinct stages of industrialization, whether  cutting or welding or assembly and operation using the technical documentation standard.
- competitive prices compared to companies operating in the same area
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